Health Benefits of Turmeric

What is Turmeric?health benefits of turmeric

Most likely you have some sitting in your kitchen cupboard. There are many health benefits of Turmeric and this modest spice packs a real health punch.

The part of turmeric that we use medicinally is the rhizome (which is kind of like the root). Resembling Ginger root in appearance, it has been used as a spice, colouring agent and medicine for 1000’s of years.

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Benefits of Honey

benefits of honeyHoney is one of those foods that many of us have in our kitchen cupboard but would most likely not think to use it medicinally, but the benefits of honey should never be underestimated!

While it’s most often employed in cooking as a liquid sweetener, it’s useful for several different common illnesses.

Notably in protecting your cardiovascular system, treating coughs, boosting your immune system and when used externally, to help wound healing. 

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