Eczema Home Remedies

eczema home remediesIf you’ve ever suffered from the dry, itchy skin caused by eczema, then you’ll understand how painful it can be. Fortunately, there are a number of Eczema home remedies you can try.

Home remedies for eczema can be made with products you either already keep in your store cupboard or are easy to find.

Different solutions work for different people so do try them till you find the one that works for you.

Causes Of Eczema

Eczema, (also called Atopic dermatitis), is an inflammatory skin condition.

Characterized by dry, itchy skin, it can weep clear fluid when scratched. The itchiness can become unbearable, especially for young children who don’t understand

The itchiness can become unbearable, especially for young children who don’t understand “DON’T SCRATCH”. With baby eczema, they will scratch until the affected area bleeds.

There have been many studies into the eczema causes and research continues.

In brief:

A combination of genetic and environmental factors appears to be involved in the development of eczema. Children whose parents have asthma and allergies are more likely to develop atopic dermatitis than children of parents without allergic diseases. Approximately 30 percent of children with atopic dermatitis have food allergies, and many develop asthma or respiratory allergies. People who live in cities or drier climates also appear more likely to develop the disease.1

It’s important to notice what triggers the itchy skin because, well managed, you can keep flare-ups to a minimum.

Triggers of Eczema can be:

There are a number of things that may trigger your eczema symptoms. These can vary from person to person.

Common triggers include:

  • Irritants – certain soaps and detergents, which include shampoo, washing up liquid and bubble bath. Always try to use products which are for sensitive skin.
  • Environmental factors –things like house dust mites, animal fur, pollen and certain moulds.  Cold, dry weather and dampness can also trigger an episode.
  • Food allergies and intolerance – cows’ milk, eggs, peanuts, soya and wheat are all known allergens2. If you’re having flare ups, use a process of elimination to try and find the cause.
  • Fabrics used for clothing – wool and synthetic fabric tend to be irritants, try to use cotton as much as possible.

Always thoroughly wash any new clothes, there are some very harsh chemicals used in the production of clothes.

  • Hormonal changes – symptoms may worsen during pregnancy and before a period.
  • Stress -symptoms can flare up when you’re stressed, sweaty, too hot or too cold.

Eczema Home Remedies

Once you notice a flare up it’s important to start treating straight away and not let it get to the stage where you scratch till you bleed.

These home remedies for eczema are for strengthening the skin’s barrier and reducing inflammation.

Remember, skin is the body’s largest organ and the first line of defence against infection.

baking soda for eczemaBaking Soda For Immediate Relief From Itchy Skin


  • 1 1/2 cups of baking soda
  • About 3 gallons of warm water.


  • Mix water and baking soda together well.
  • Use a clean washcloth to apply the mixture to affected areas

Coconut Oil

coconut oil for eczemaCoconut oil for eczema is possible the simplest remedy you can use.

Good quality coconut oil can now be purchased in most grocery stores, I’ve even seen organic in home bargain stores!

Fats and oils are great for preventing your skin from drying out and as a consequence, becoming more irritated.

Only one – Coconut oil!


  • Wash the affected area (see notes above for using gentle cleansers).
  • Gently the coconut oil into the affected areas, and let it dry.
  • Apply as often as needed throughout the day


oats for eczemaOats

Abstract taken from a study by Fowler JF Jr3

Colloidal oatmeal suspensions are currently available in bath soaps, shampoos, shaving gels, and moisturizing creams, and several studies have been conducted that demonstrate the efficacy and safety of colloidal oatmeal for the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions.

An old fashioned oatmeal bath is  an all over, soothing eczema lotion for inflamed skin. Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties, which can greatly help to reduce and soothe the itchiness caused by

Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties, which can greatly help to reduce and soothe the itchiness caused by eczema.


  • About a cup of oatmeal
  • Cheesecloth or muslin
  • Method
    Put the oatmeal into a square of cheesecloth/muslin and tie off the end with a bag tie or elastic band.
  • Tie an extra-long piece of material around the top, depending on the depth of your bath. You want to tie the bag of oatmeal to the tap and let the running water flow over it.
  • Run your bath, you’ll see the water getting milky smooth. Squeeze the oat filled bag as your bath is running.
  • Have a soak for about 15 mns.
  • Pat yourself dry (don’t rub) with a clean warmed towel.
  • Apply your moisturizer(coconut oil can be used here)


turmeric latteThis wonderful spice pops up everywhere, and Turmeric can be used both topically and internally for alleviating the symptoms of eczema.4

Try to eat about a teaspoon of turmeric every day. It’s subtle, aromatic flavor works well with rice, veggies, pasta etc.

You can also make basic Turmeric tea or Turmeric latte (recipes here).

For a topical application paste, the antibacterial action of both Turmeric and Neem can help with itching and rashes.


  • 1 Tbs of ground Neem leaves
  • 1Tbs of Turmeric powder


  • Grind the Neem leaves into a paste
  • Mix in the Turmeric powder
  • Apply the paste to the affected area and leave on as long as is practical.

honey for eczemaHoney

Honey is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, (for more in depth information read here) so can speed up the healing process of broken skin.

It is sticky so is best used on small areas and covered with a sterile dressing.


  • Good quality, raw, organic honey
  • Sterile dressing/bandage


  • Wash your hands and thoroughly dry
  • Apply a thin layer of honey over the affected skin
  • Cover it with a bandage to keep it from rubbing off on anything. (You can leave the bandage off to let the skin breath if you prefer).
  • Leave it on for 20/30 minutes
  • Rinse off with cool waterand gently pat dry
  • Repeat 3 times throughout the day.

These are just a few of the natural remedies for eczema, which have worked for my family, a google search will find many more.

If you’d like me to add any of your own diy home remedies that have worked for you, please contact me




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